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Software Licenses

The Expert Network Inventory of the Network Administrator can quickly and easily list the total number of software licenses the company owns. To view the software licenses table, select the Software Licenses page on the Software group of the Object Inspector. The Software Licenses page will be displayed.

The licenses table contains information on the number of installed software for the entire network and the corresponding number of licenses for each software title. An installation count is also the total software count for the entire inventoried network.

The table has five columns. The Category column displays a category of an installed program. If it has the NONE value, the program does not belong to any category. The software categories will be written about in detail below. The Software Name column shows the software name of the program. The Installation Count column displays the installation count of the program on the computer on your Network, and the License Count displays the number of licenses of this program that your company legally owns.

With the Exclude from the report column you can exclude some programs from the License Report, checking it. To exclude all programs click the Exclude All button. To include all programs click Include All. These buttons are located under the table.

Before starting the work with software licenses you need to select the Tools|Recalculate Installed Software item in the main menu of the program or press F2. In the open Software Licenses page you can also click the Recalculate Installed Software. You should do it every time before doing the License Report to keep information about the software installed up-to-date.

The License count table works in the following way. The Network Administrator needs to manually enter the number of legal licenses the company owns for every software title in the corresponding cell. The table has a column named Exclude from report which allows you to exclude some titles from the printed Licenses Report.

Once the Network Administrator enters the software license number they can generate a report that displays the difference between the number of licenses the company owns for every title and the number of installations for every software product actually found by clicking the License Report button.

Working with software categories

Software can be grouped by categories. What are software categories for?

For the more convenient arrangement of software titles ENI allows grouping software by categories. Each software category has its priority and software order in the Software License list. You can manage categories from the Software Categories Manager. When all categories have been created, arrange software titles between it using the dialog “Assign Categories”. If you delete a category, all the software that it contains will come back into the NONE category.

Once you have grouped all the software by category, you can later quickly access the required software instead of searching for it among thousands of software titles.

For example, suppose that a lot of freeware is installed on your company's computers. Since there is no need to specify the license count for this software category, you can create the category Freeware with the lowest priority and assign this category to all the freeware installed on your computers. All of the freeware will be placed at the bottom of the list without interfering with your work with commercial software.

Another example to show how categories can be useful: suppose you want to create reports about the software of different publishers: Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, Corel, etc. You create categories named according to the publishers' titles and assign them the highest priority. In this case the software of these companies will be compactly placed at the top of the software list.

To create or remove software categories click the Software Category Manager button. The Software Category Manager will be displayed. To create a new category click New. In the displayed empty row enter the name of the new category and press Enter.

To delete a category select it and click Remove. When you have finished working with categories, click the Confirm button to save your changes, or Cancel to close the dialog without any changes.

Assigning software categories to software titles

To assign software categories to software click the Assign Categories button.

The Assign Categories dialog window will be displayed.

In the left columns you can see the software titles that have no categories. In the Category combobox on the upper right select the category you want to assign to programs. Select a program title without categories and with the upper arrow move it to the right column. To unassign a category select the program title in the right column and move to the left column with the lower arrow.

Saving your work and print the License report

Information on software and licenses are stored in database in separate tables. When you change the network structure or installing new software you must refresh license information in these tables. Select Recalculate Installed Software or press F2.

If you have changed the Departments Tree, new software titles or PCs have appeared in your network and you cannot see the changes you have made, you should press "F2" or click the Recalculated Installed Software button on the Software Licenses page to recalculate the Software licenses.

When you are about to leave the software licenses page, please click the Save button to apply the changes you have made.

You can print the license information from the Software Licenses page using the Licenses Report button.

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