How Expert Network Inventory works?
Installation and Setup
Internal database
Configure ENI agent module
General settings
Inventory Data Store settings
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Find Files Tab settings
Administrator's Application
Configure Administrator's Application
Department manager
Network Tree
Information pages
Software Licenses
Custom data tables
Creating, printing and exporting reports
Report Designer
How to...
Create and use users logon script
Design custom reports

Expert Network Inventory (hereinafter referred to as “ENI”) is the innovative, high-performance inventory application that helps you trace and keep up-to-date all the necessary asset information concerning the computers on your organization network in order to save a considerable amount of your time. You can see detailed information about more than 400 hardware and software items of every computer included in the asset list of the program. All program information pages containing asset information records can be easily customized to fully comply with your needs.

The client computers of your network collect all the information you selected and write it in XML files. That information is saved in the application database, which enables the easy management of very large and heterogeneous networks with nonpermanent connections. Database utilization lets you keep a history of the changes as long as you need. You can export information from the internal database to almost any industrial standard databases such as MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Interbase and also MS Access, MS Excel, ODBC-compliant databases and HTML files. The application also allows you to collect asset information on computers and networks located anywhere by FTP protocol or email.

Moreover, ENI will provide your organization with exhaustive and detailed reporting about all of the hardware and software on all of the computers on your network. These different printable comprehensive reports summarize your software and hardware inventory installed on the computers over the network. You can print, save the reports or export them to HTML, RTF, PDF and other formats. In addition, you can make your own custom reports using Report Builder.

We also offer to make reports for your needs on demand!







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