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Information pages

Information pages show some category of information about the computer you have selected in the Network Tree.

All pages are grouped in the Object Inspector for more convenient operation.

There are five groups of information pages: General, Hardware, Software, Miscellaneous and Custom Data. All pages are predefined except Custom Data.

The titles of the predefined view pages are fixed and cannot be changed. However, you can change the contents of the page according to your needs: add or remove some information – by editing the page script. To do so, click Tools and select the Edit Page item. This will open the page designer window.

Information pages have two different view modes: “Hand mode” and “Select & copy mode”.

“Hand mode” is the default mode. You can look through all the information, print it, copy all of the text or one line only.

In “Select & copy mode” you see the html version of the current page using the embedded web explorer. This mode is convenient for selecting & copying text and pictures from the current page.

Both modes allow you to search in an Information page. To find the string in the current page please click the “Find in page” button on the main toolbar.

To print the current page just click the “Print current Information page” button on the main toolbar of the program.

You don’t need the preview because the Information page shows the information in exactly the same way as it will be printed.

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