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The Find Files Tab allows you to search for files in the folders you specify. You can also use a mask. This function is useful if you want to track the status of directory/directories and the files contained in them. For example, you may want to control the list of file names in the folder c:\windows that start with ‘ms’. On the Find files tab please select Add. In the pop-up dialog, enter the following text in the Mask name field – “Windows executables start with 'ms'”, and “c:\windows\ms*.exe” in the Filename mask field.

After clicking OK the following information appears:

The names of the found files are displayed in the Administrator’s Application on page “Files found by masks” (Object Inspector -> Miscellaneous->Files Found by masks). Click Apply to apply your changes, and then Close in order to close the dialog.

Please don't forget to click Apply before closing the ENI Client Manager to save your settings!

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