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The Report Designer is a powerful tool for granting the ENI user the ability to generate reports quickly and efficiently. The built-in macro interpreter provides a Pascal-like macro language for performing complex data processing. The built-in dialog designer lets you create customized forms that among other uses can be used to set report parameters before printing.

Every report of Report Builder consists of bands. There are the following kinds of bands:

  • Report title;
  • Report summary;
  • Page header;
  • Page footer;
  • Master header;
  • Master data;
  • Master footer;
  • Detail header;
  • Detail Data;
  • Detail footer;
  • Subdetail header;
  • Subdetail data;
  • Subdetail footer;
  • Overlay;
  • Column header;
  • Group header;
  • Group footer;
  • Cross header;
  • Cross data;
  • Cross footer;
  • Child.

On a band you can place a rectangle object with a text, field of a database table, variables or any other report objects.

Before creating a report you need to make a decision about the kind of report you want.

If you want to print a record per computer (like OS Report, BIOS Report, Motherboard Report) you should choose the “master-detail” report.

If you need to print multiple records per computer (like Printers Report, Disks Report) you should select the “master-detail-subdetail” report.

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