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Department Commander

The Department Commander is a tool that helps you create the structure representing your network in the Network tree. In fact, it is a virtual structure that can have nothing to do with the actual structure of your network. As a department you can mean a subdivision, department (for example, the Personnel Department) or even a room of your company. Create the department tree first. Then, arrange all the computers between the departments as you need.

To build the department structure please click Tools | Department Commander. The Department Commander window will be opened. The Department Commander has the Total Commander like interface. It consists of two panels that list all the computers and departments in your network:

To quickly go to the department or computer you need to press the first few letters of its name:

To create a new department click the Make Department button or press F7 to open the Department dialog window. Enter the department name and click OK.

To create a sub-department double click the department on the left or the right panel of the Department Commander, in which you want to create the sub-department, to enter it. Then click the Make Department button. Enter the sub-department name and click OK. The degree of nesting is not limited, but it is not recommended to create complicated structures with the nesting level over 3 or 4.

To delete a department, just click this department and press F8 to delete it. The Entire Network department is the root of your network tree. You can’t remove or delete it. When you are about to delete a department then all of its computers will be moved to the Entire Network department. You also can edit a name of any department excluding the Entire Network. To do so, click the department you want to rename and press F4 or click the Rename dept. button. In the pop-up Department dialog enter a new name and click OK. You cannot change a computer name.

To move a computer or department to another department enter this department by clicking it on one panel of the Department Commander. Then select the computer or department that you want to move on the other panel and click the Move button (or press F6).

You can create, move or delete departments and move computers between it as you need.

After the structure was changed it is necessary to recalculate the table to ensure correct functioning of the licenses table by pressing the F2 key (Tools -> Recalculate Installed Software).

You can create, edit or delete a department directly from the main window. Just select the department you need in the Network tree and click an appropriate button on the toolbar.

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