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After the first start of the program each computer has only one attribute: computer name. But sometimes it is necessary to enter additional information for each computer.

For example, your company has an affiliate network spread all over the world and you want to specify the postal addresses of the offices all their computers are located in, to help you quickly contact the users of such computers in case of any troubles. With ENI you can do it easily!

ENI stores additional information about each computer, entered by users, in the form of tables. Each table consists of fields in which users enter that information. In order to enter information about postal addresses you need to create a table named Address which contains apartment, house, street, city, state, country and phone number fields.

To create a table named Address, activate the Custom Data menu item in the Tools menu. In the Custom data structure dialog click the New Table button and enter the name of the table you want to create: Address.

Then click ОK.

After you have created the table you need to add the necessary data fields in it. Click the New Field button in the right part of the dialog and enter the field title: Country. Then click OK. If you have made a mistake when entering the field title and want to change it, click the Edit Field button.

Create the fields City, Street, House_N, Flat_N in the same way.

Then click OK.

When you will make your first table then the new Custom data group will be added into the Object Inspector. It group will contain all the tables you have created.

When the table with appropriate fields is created we need to fill its fields with data. In the Network tree select the computer you want to specify the postal address for and click the corresponding Custom data table button in the Object Inspector.

A table will appear. In the right part it contains the data fields you have added. Enter a postal address into those fields. You can use the Up or Down arrow keys to navigate between fields.

Click Save to save your changes.

If you want to enter data for another computer, select it in the tree.

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