How Expert Network Inventory works?
Installation and Setup
Internal database
Configure ENI agent module
General settings
Inventory Data Store settings
Reports settings
Registry Key Info Tab settings
File Info Tab settings
Find Files Tab settings
Administrator's Application
Configure Administrator's Application
Department manager
Network Tree
Information pages
Software Licenses
Custom data tables
Creating, printing and exporting reports
Report Designer
How to...
Create and use users logon script
Design custom reports
Creating, printing and exporting reports.

When you need to generate a report, click the corresponding report name in the Reports menu. The standard dialog will pop up allowing you to make up a list of computers that will be included in your report. When finished please click OK and the preview window will open.

You can print the report or export it to other different file formats.

To print the report select File|Print or click the required toolbar button of the preview window.

To export the report to other file formats select File|SaveAs and choose the required file format in the opened Save dialog.

You can build your own custom report using Report Designer. This report should be placed in the “Reports” folder, determined in the Preferences, or any of its subfolders. To apply changes in the "Reports" list, please restart the program. If you no longer want to use some custom report, just delete the report file from the Reports folder.










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