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Configure ENI Agent module

The installation package of the Expert Network Inventory contains the Client Manager (clientmng.exe), the main purpose of which is to configure the ENI Agent module. With this program, you can assign a folder where all XML-files created by the agent will be saved. You can configure how to send XML files via FTP or email, and choose the information that should be written into XML-files.

At the first start of the ENI Client Manager you should choose an appropriate agent.ini file. By default, this file is in the the Agent subfolder of the same folder where the ENI Client Manager is.

You can change the place of the agent.ini file later using the File|Open command in the main menu. Please open agent.ini located in the earlier created shared folder (C:\Share\ENI).

There are several pages that allow you to tune the agent module settings:

General settings

Inventory data store settings

Reports settings

File info report section settings

Find Files section settings

Registry key info section settings

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