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Why register?
Why it is better to register our software?

  • No longer restricted to the evaluation period.
  • All future versions of registered product will be FREE.
  • Full and prompt e-mail support.
  License Type License Price
  Lite 25 Computers Free
Pro 50 Computers $159.00
100 Computers $239.00
150 Computers $279.00
250 Computers $319.00
350 Computers $355.00
500 Computers $399.00
750 Computers $599.00
Site License1
Corporate License2

1 Site license allows you to inventory the unlimited number of computers located in a single place.
2 Corporate license allows you to inventory the unlimited number of computers located in any place belongs to your company worldwide.

Note, you will be redirected to the BlueSnap web site to process your order. BlueSnap is our online payment processor.


If you want to use our products on several computers you must purchase the same quantity of licenses.
For example, Expert Network Inventory allows you to monitor more than one computer's hard drive health from single workplace. You must purchase 10 users license if you want to monitor hard drives of 10 computers.

 We accept all types of payment: Online, Fax, Phone, Bank Transfer and Check.
All transactions are extremely secure. Payments must be in US currency, but you can easily pay with a credit card or use international transfers if you use another currency.

Online is the easiest way to register our products. Your credit card information is very securely sent directly to the credit card processor. No one but you and the automated credit card processor sees this information. ExpertUnion.Com does not has any access to your credit card information.

For FaxPhone, Bank transferCheck or Purchase Order select desired payment method on the first order page and follow the instructions.

Please be sure your e-mail address is correct! This is how you will receive your confirmation and registration key!
CompuServe users please use a period (.) instead of a comma(,) 1234.567 not 1234,567.

E-mail addresses from free e-mail accounts and e-mail forwarding accounts are NOT permitted. Please use an e-mail address from another source to allow your order to be accepted by our system.

AOL Users please be sure your preferences are set such that you can receive all mail before ordering. Click Here for details.

Online orders are processed immediately. Other forms of registration take longer (3-5 days for bank transfers, up to 3 weeks for check payments). If you do not receive your registration code within two working days, please notify us using our contact page.

If you need an invoice of the purchase just click on the link provided in the order confirmation e-mail.

If you have problems during registration contact with our sales department.

Try Before You Buy!

ExpertUnion.Com offers a trial of its products in the hopes that all customers will evaluate the software before making a purchasing decision. For this reason, we maintain a strict no-refund policy.


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